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Cryptocoryne - S
Cryptocoryne Species - S



Cryptocoryne scurrilis

C. scurrilis

Cryptocoryne cordata var. siamensis
NJT Rosanervig

C. cordata siamensis

Cryptocoryne sivadasanii

C. sivadasanii

This is a small to medium-sized specimen. Leaves frequently get 6-8 feet long. They don't send out runners but produce daughter plants at the base. When grown emersed, it's a small scrawny plant. Easy, hardy plant that doesn't melt and extra-long leaves can be trimmed like Vallisneria. - Vin Kutty, 2017

Cryptocoryne spiralis var.caudigera
emersed flower
map submersed

C. spiralis var.caudigera

Cryptocoryne spiralis var. caudigera


C. spiralis var. huegelii

Cryptocoryne spiralis (Retzius) Fischer ex Wydler var. huegelii (Schott) Bogner

Described in 2013 by Bogner, the C. spiralis var.species description for C. spiralis var. huegelii also contains a key to C.spiralis (German).

Largest of the C.spiralis forms, it only occurs in a very limited range at high altitude. This may be the first photo of the plant ever published. It should prove to be a superb aquarium plant.

Cryptocoryne spiralis

C. spiralis

Cryptocoryne spiralis var. spiralis

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