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Cryptocoryne cordata Griffith
Cryptocoryne cordata cordata Griffith

C. cordata was redefined in 2010
Karyotype: n=34

Jan Bastimeijer and Joseph Bogner weighed in on C. cordata and using karyotype (= number of chromosomes) evidence have made a significant and sensible - given what we know - reclassification; there are still forms that have not gone expensive DNA analysis yet and almost certainly more forms of this highly variable plant still to be found.

So, the new breakdown goes like this:

  • C. cordata cordata is the n=34 krayotype and found in Southern Thailand, Penninsular Mayalsia and one known location in Sumatra. Mostly acid-loving blackwater plants.

  • C. cordata siamensis is the form from Thailand with a chromosome compliment of n=106 and forms exist that live in acidic black water while other forms exist from limestone biotopes and do well in hard water.

  • C. cordata grabowski is the n=68 form from Borneo, nearly all of which are from black water peat swamps.

Kelantin Kota_Tingga Lata_Belatan
Melaka Mersing NJM Pahang Sg_Mawar aq
cordata cordata

Peninsular Malaysia is the rage of C. cordata cordata

Cryptocoryne cordata  Griffith var. cordata
Krabi Sg_Kolok
Sg_Skapitani aq

cordata cordata

Cryptpcoryne cordata cordata occurring in Thailand was formerly known as C. kerri and C. siamensis kerri.

Note "Sg" is an abbreviation of "Sungai" which means "River".

Historic relics pertaining to C. cordata
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