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C Cryptocorynes

C Cryptocorynes

C. cognata

C. cognata

by Jan D. Bastmeijer

In the 1989 to 1992, Yadav, Patil and Dixit, botanists of the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, investigated the Maharastra State of India and rediscovered Cryptocoryne cognata in the Ratnagiri district (the former 'Konkan') which was only known from two collections made 150 years earlier. The plant was recollected in 1998 by Mariska te Beest.

As Patil cs. (1992) reported, they grow rather shaded.

Distribution of C. cognata near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra State in India. There are only two recent new localities known, so the species must be regarded as endangered! (Patil 1992). Remains the miracle that this species is found after 150 years!

Cryptocoryne cognata is seldom seen in culture. That is not because the plant is difficult to cultivate, on the contrary. Moreover, the plant is not sensitive for many diseases. The problem is that C. cognata don't make runners. In about eight years of cultivation, I had no one runner. Its not known whether or not C. cognata is appropriate for aquaria. C. cognatoides Blatter & McCann has nothing to do with C. cognata, and is currently regarded as a variety of C. spiralis.

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