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The Cryptocoryne albida group of mainland Asia (Araceae)

Miscellaneous Papers 19: 183-204, 1980

The Cryptocoryne albida group of mainland Asia (Araceae)

Niels Jacobsen, Copenhagen

MP19-183t.gif MP19-184t.gif MP19-185t.gif MP19-186t.gif MP19-187t.gif MP19-188t.gif MP19-189t.gif MP19-190t.gif MP19-191t.gif MP19-192t.gif MP19-193t.gif MP19-194t.gif MP19-195t.gif MP19-196t.gif MP19-197t.gif MP19-198t.gif MP19-199t.gif MP19-200t.gif MP19-201t.gif MP19-202t.gif MP19-203t.gif MP19-204t.gif MP19-covert.gif MP19-titlet.gif

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