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Cryptocoryne articles by Neils Jacobsen
Cryptocoryne articles by Neils Jacobsen


Miscellaneous Papers 19: 183-204

The Cryptocoryne albida group of mainland Asia (Araceae).

Jacobsens milestone 1980 paper about the albida complex (albida, crispulata and retrospiralis). All other strap leaved forms (except APO) are placed as varieties of crispulata.

1991 complete
1991 original

Aqua-Planta 16(1): 1-33

Die schmalblattrigen Cryptocorynen des asiatischen Festlandes.

An update of the 1980 article with description of the varieties. Bigger, more pictures, broken down into sections because of its sheer size.


Aqua-Planta 17(1): 18-25


The rare and tricky species from peat bogs that prove difficult if not impossible to grow seem to respond very well when cultivated in humus-rich leaf-mould made from Beech leaves (Fagus sp.).

Aqua-Planta 27: 150-151


Der Cryptocoryne cordata Griffith - Komplex (Araceae) in Malesien

More material gathered during recent years has shown that the hitherto held opinion of Cryptocoryne cordata Griffith, C. grabowskii Engler, C. zonata De Wit, and C. diderici De Wit as separate species is no longer tenable. They are therefore deprecated from full species and placed as varieties of C. cordata. (Jacobsen 2002).

Cryptocoryne Xpurpurea notvar. borneoensis

Aqua-Planta 27: 152-154
Original description of Cryptocoryne Xpurpurea Ridley nothovar. borneoensis


Cryptocoryne Xpurpurea Ridley nothovar. borneoensis N. Jacobsen, Bastmeijer & Y. Sasaki (Araceae), eine neue Art aus Sarawak

Cryptocoryne Xpurpurea Ridley nothovar. borneoensis N. Jacobsen, Bastmeijer & Y. Sasaki is new variety found in South Kalimantan. The leaf blade is cordate, brown purple, flat to somewhat bullate. The spathe is 10-20 cm long, the limb 3-6 cm long, ovate and long acuminate, somewhat rugose, shiny bright red, sometimes dark red; the collar/collar zone is distinct, somewhat narrow, dotted towards the opening.

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