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Crypt. bangkaensis - original description from Aqua-Planta 32(2): 41, 44-55, April 2007

Aqua-Planta 32(2): 41, 44-55 April 2007

Cryptocoryne bangkaensis Bastmeijer, a new name for a well-known Cryptocoryne from Sumatra, Indonesia.

Jan D. Bastmeijer & Niels Jacobsen


It has proven that Cryptocoryne scurrilis De Wit does not match the present day cultivated plants known under that name. A new species is therefore described for these plants: Cryptocoryne bangkaensis Bastmeijer. The real Cryptocoryne scurrilis is not known in cultivation, but recent collections from Bintan, a small island of the east coast of Sumatra, may be identical to the type of Cryptocoryne scurrilis. Cryptocoryne bangkaensis differs from Cryptocoryne scurrilis by the limb of the spathe having a regular, more or less pronounced rough inner surface without protuberances, these are only found at the margins of the limb, and by the shorter styles.


English translation

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