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Two Cryptocorynes from the Gunung Leuser National park (Sumatra, Indonesia)

2nd Part. Cryptocoryne moehlmannii de Wit

translated from Aqua Planta 22(2): cover, 43-50 (1997)

Jan D. Bastmeijer, Emmen (NL) and Brigitta E.E. Duyfjes, Rijksherbarium Leiden (NL)

The high mountains of the Leuser reserve make that the eastern part drains into to the Street of Malaya. In that region of the Reserve grows the in the first article described Cryptocoryne minima Ridley. The area of that plant, formerly known only from Penang and Kedah in Malaysia, is thereby much enlarged (Bastmeijer & Duyfjes 1996). This article describes the western part of the Reserve, which drains into the Indian Pacific. There grows Cryptocoryne moehlmannii, which is rather common in the lowlands. Two new locations are found. Cryptocoryne moehlmannii is possibly a synonym of Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia Schott, the latter one growing much more south of the Leuser Reserve.


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