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An experiment in aquatic journalism
An experiment in aquatic journalism


My name is Richard Sexton and I've been putting information about Cryptocorynes & killifish and other tropical fish related content onto the Internet since before it was the Internet - in 1988 I had a little something to do with the creation of the aquarium Usenet newsgroups and the first mail-list about tropical fish.

I've written for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (and will continue to do so) for a few years and a lot of those articles are about Crypts, but see, here's my problem: while I love writing article about this stuff on the net - it's easy for me I wrote my own publishing system so I can get things done a little bit more quickly than most people can - the problem with this is it doesn't pay.

There aren't enough people in the world who want to know about Crypts to get Google Ad numbers to a reasonable level (they've made about $3 a year for a decade now), while on the other hand an article in TFH is worth a couple of hundred dollars. Once written, it's sort of gone though, save for those people like me that cycle back issues of TFH through the bathroom. I like the idea of all of contributing what we can to the sum of human information online which coincidentally is the mandate of the world wide web. Here's how you can help.

I've got this idea. I don't see the aquatic communities self organizing to the point there they pay $250 an article but what if we said $25 a page?

That is if you stumble on to a page here that is blank, meaning only the skeletal part, the heading of that section is done but there's no content there, then for $25 you can have it in say, 24 hours although 80% of the time I'll just type type type, click "save" and it's there in minutes. Of course more is better, you can see the kind of thing I got for $250 in the pages of TFH (or as I've updated it, here). But at the very least you'll get something that made clicking on that link worthwhile and will fill that gap of missing information. Over time as I putter about on the server it'll get finished anyway, this process just starts the pages poeple want most, by definition.

This works for me too, I can still putter around later and add more or better pictures, add more material or to further enhance wordsmithery, all the things I do and like to do already, that I have doing for free since President Carter was in office. The other benefit of dong it this way is I have a book or two I really would like to write and when some pf those pages start getting fleshed out the books sort of take alike of their own and write themselves. I think it's an interesting experiment in crowd-sourcing editorial content if noting else.

If you choose to do this (thank you!), don't forget what it is you want written. Cut and paste the URL and send it to me through the link below:

Of course if you feel like using this as a tip jar that would be swell, and thank you! Again you can change the amount to anything you want.

Richard J. Sexton
February 2017

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