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Feb 2017 - expanded to other aquatic aroids, rebranded as "aroid.science"

Feb 2009: I've changed the scope of this site to be a collection of everything I can find about these plants. As far as I know I've asked everybody with pictures here for premission. If you find one of yours here you're unhappy about just write to me and I'll gladly remove it.

Taxonomy is based on Jan Bastmeijer's "Crypt's Pages": xs4all site old nl herbarium site (no idea how long this will work for). I've also begun to mirror Jan's work here "just in case" which is an idea we had almost a decade ago. I'm finally getting around to it. Follow the "Cryptocoryne" link to get to the old Herbarium pages, some of which I've marked up to make them a but more readable by layout and/or conversion from *.doc format to proper HTML. - Richard Sexton

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